• By using the services of this website youagree to use electronic documents as a means of expression.

 • The company reserves the right to acceptorders. If the store is unable to accept your order due to wrong tradingcondition or other circumstances. It will send you a notice that you can’t sendthe goods by email. We apologize for any inconvenience caused and yourconsideration will be very much appreciated.

 • The company will protect your personal datain accordance with the provisions of the Personal Data protection Act andcomply with the store privacy protection policy.

 • The company will immediately stopprocessing and subsequent use of the transactions generated by the account whenit knows that your account password has been fraudulently used.

 • The company ensure that the computer systemthat the company deals with you has security that is reasonably expected.


Method of payments

 • Taiwan area: pay by ATM transfer, pay byonline ATM, convenience store bar code payment, convenience store code payment creditcard (support VISA, MASTER, JCB        ),virtual code payment.

 • Non-Taiwan area: pay by ATM transfer, payby credit card (support VISA, MASTER, JCB)

Method of delivery

After the order is generated it will beshipped within 7-14 days. If it is customized PPW series gun must be paid firstand shipped within 40 days after payment. The reservation products indicatesthat the current status of the goods is out of stock and the pre-ordered orderwill be shipped first when the goods are full.


• Mail to the designated address: domesticmail a single order less than 3000NTD shipping 85NTD out of the island mailsingle order less than 3000NTD shipping costs 115NTD.

• 7-11&Family Mart pick up payment /pickup without payment.

   7-11&Family Mart the freight costs65NTDper order amount is under 3000NTD.

• Home delivery to designated address

   Domestic Island: The freight costs NT95 perorder under NT3000

   Offshore island of Taiwan: The freightcosts NT220 per order amount under NT3000

 • Free shipping on amount of over 3000NT

 If there is alarge amount of transportation during the festival and it is not possible tomeet the time specified by you when the typhoon crosses the border, it isrecommended to place an order early.

After ordering,the convenience store will send you a message via mobile phone newsletter.Please be sure to turn on the mobile phone newsletter function.

And within sevendays from the date of arrival (including weekends and national holidays) to theconvenience merchant to pick up the payment.

An order can onlybe delivered to the same address. If you need to send a different address,please separate the order.

Please note thatif the goods are not picked up within seven days, the goods will be returned


 • The air parcel will be sent to the designatedaddress (charge by weight)

 POSEIDON reserve the right to accept yourfuture orders IF you have previously placed a non-refundable payment record atPOSEIDON


Return instructions

Please note thatdue to special products, the company does not provide a seven-day appreciationperiod.

If you receivenew products that are defective, damaged, inconsistent or in short supply, youneed to apply for a replacement. Please go through the online replacementprocedure within seven days after receiving the goods.

After receivingthe goods, please open the box immediately to confirm that the goods arecorrect. If you order the goods, you will not be accepted for return.

Returnedmerchandise must be brand new and fully packaged (goods, labels, packaging, andthe completeness of all accompanying documents or materials), and no refundwill be accepted if the merchandise has traces of use, damage to packaging, orcontamination.

Orders areeligible for discounts or free shipping, and returns are subject to therelevant discount spreads and postage not paid for postage.

The return andrefund regulations are in line with the SHOPLINE platform rules. When thecompany receives the returned goods and confirms that the goods are in completecondition without damage, the refund will be made. The credit card payer willbe refunded in the original amount, and the super-commercial pick-up paymentmust provide an account number. The company refunds the money by way ofremittance.

Please note:Regardless of the return or exchange, it is your responsibility to return theshipping fee to the company. If the goods need to be exchanged, the shippingcost sent back to you will be borne by the company.


About invoice

The invoice isshipped with the goods. If you need to send an invoice separately, please fillin the invoice receipt address

If you need toissue EIN, please add a remark in the remarks column, the company will look up,and the order will not be re-invoiced.


Fraud promotion

Recently, afraudulent group called a buyer in the name of a counterfeit seller to notifythe remittance buyer that the remittance was mistakenly pressed by the“contract transfer”, resulting in automatic deduction every month, and mustfollow the instructions of the fraud group to go to the ATM to reset accordingto its instructions. In an attempt to defraud the buyer's money or remittanceaccount password. In particular, ATM can't set or cancel "contracttransfer". These are all fraudulent terms. Don't be fooled.